I am a photographer, and do not have any ideas for a reward or prize, can you help me?

Sure, here are a couple ideas.  

1) Goal based rewards- Reward your client with some discount on your services and/or some freebie like photo adjustment, or additional shots, etc.  Of course, you need to have a website for this purpose with online-ordering functionality as all tracking works online.


2) Referral Contest or Sweepstakes:  Reward more active referrers or define winner by random.  In these campaign types it works better to offer more valuable prizes, for example, free photo-session or something like that-  invite 3 friends to be included in our sweepstakes for a free photo shoot, etc.

Also, you can offer the friends being referred a coupon for your services at the same time automatically.  Feel free to check out our blog for more reward ideas at


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