We want to reward our customers with a discount on their monthly subscription. The first month is free, so every new sign-up isn't necessarily going to pay. We only want to give a reward to the paying customers. How might this work?

In theory our tracking script would work just as fine a month later. The only problem is that it is possible the user will be signing up on a different machine/browser or have cleared private data. If you are willing to accept this possibility and deal with it manually (i.e. when/if the referrer complains that their referral wasn't counted) you can simply place our conversion tracking script on the page where the user lands after paying.   An alternative would be to track this on your application's end as it's much better positioned to capture user info. (i.e. via logging in).  If you prefer to take this route you can dynamically add a referrer id to the links being shared via our set Url JavaScript API ( then when the referral lands on your site capture this value and store it in your database until they make a payment.



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