I would like to establish a referral program as follows: when three people are referred and buy coaching calls, the referring individual gets a second call free. How would this work with the InviteBox system?

You will need to choose our Goal Based Rewards campaign, and set 3 conversions as a goal. Also, you will need to insert our tracking script into the page that people see right after they purchase a call.

It will work in the following way:

  1. A customer enters your referral campaign by leaving their email.
  2. Then they get their unique referral link which they can share via one of the predefined social channels or spread any other way they like.
  3. When somebody clicks on this link and purchases a call the original participant gets one "point".
  4. When they reach 3 points they will get a reward notification. It can contain the reward (coupon code or something similiar) or you can just let them know they need to contact you to receive their reward.


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