I would like to offer a two-sided incentive to increase membership. However, I only want to pay out the award to the referral and referrer when the referral signs up for membership at our website. How would that work?

With InviteBox, the two-sided incentive referral campaign will work in the following way:

1) A participant enters his name and email and shares your landing page on their social networks.

2) When their friends click on the link they will see a popup window with a coupon code. Then they can grab it and proceed to your website. So for friends these coupons are not rewards but incentives to sign up or make a purchase (depending on your goals).

3) When a participant reaches their goal or in other words attracts X amount of people to perform some action on your website, (e.g. if 3 of your friends sign up you'll get a reward), they will receive a reward email.  It can be just a notification to contact you to get the reward, or it can contain unique or multi-use coupon codes.



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