The products my company offers are in the $200-250 range, and we don't offer any lower ticket items that would make easy rewards. Do you have any suggestions for how I could reward people?

  • Instant Rewards Campaign:
  • you can reward your customers with coupon codes right after they share your promo message with their friends.
  • Goal-Based Rewards Campaign:
  • Offer a bigger discount, if for example your customers attract 2-3 of their friends that make a purchase on your website.  In this case your customers can wait a bit to make their purchases, and bring you more business first.
  • Offer some items for free if 3 (or more) of their friends make a
  • purchase. A free offer is always attractive!
  • Referral Contest Campaign:
  • Reward the campaign participants who bring you the most number of referrals (visitors or customers) during a certain time period.  Maybe reward with the persons choice of 3-5 different things so that more people will be interested.  Small technology items, Gift cards, tickets to different local events if your business is mostly local, gas cards.  
  • Sweepstakes Campaign:
  • this type of campaign is similar to a referral contest, but winners are drawn by luck at the end of the campaign.  for example, participants enter a campaign when they enter their email.  Then they receive 1 entry.  They can earn additional entries for social posts, or visitors or customers they attract, (these rules are defined by you). Chances to win are proportional to the number of entries they earn during this period.  the system automatically picks the winner at the end and you are notified.  Offer and IPad, IPhone, Mini Computer, or anything else that would appeal to most people.


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