What is the InviteBox API used for?

The InviteBox API we offer makes it possible for customers to make some advanced integration between the InviteBox system and their application or website. Or in other words our API allows your website to interact with the InviteBox platform by exchanging some data.   We have two types of API:

1)  Our JavaScript API (Found at makes it possible to pass data from your application to InviteBox. For example, your app already knows users' names and email addresses, and you don't want to ask them to enter this info again when they enter the campaign (first widget step).  In this case you can use the SSO (Single Sign-On) function to pass names and emails to  the InviteBox system automatically.

2)  Our Reward Callback API ( found at allows data to pass from the InviteBox system to your application when a particular event occurs.  For example, say you want to reward your campaign participants inside of your app. with some internal points or credits.  In this case, you would need to know when a participant has completed the campaign goal, and specific details of that participant-to handle that event in your app.  The InviteBox system would report what is happening in your campaign,  (shares, clicks on links, conversions, goals),  and then you can decide on what events you want your app. to react to and what events you want ignored.


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